Air asia business process

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Air asia business process

AFP A picture is worth a thousand words. The proverb sprang to mind when the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-unsmiling and dressed in a Mao-style suit, stepped off the red-carpeted stairs of a Boeing jumbo jet with the difficult-to-miss markings of Air China and its Phoenix logo.

Kim may have chosen the Chinese jumbo jet for safety and practical reasons.

Air asia business process

His own personal jet is a Soviet-era Ilyushin II, a long-range jet that was discontinued in Even if Trump-Kim summit clicks, Koreans might never Chinese leaders, including President Xi Jinping, do not have their own private jets and Air China, the flag carrier, usually reconfigures the commercial jets for such special uses, reverting them back to commercial mode afterwards.

China was not in the room where the Singapore summit was held, but its influence continued to loom large.

Indeed, Trump said as much in the post-summit press conference in Singapore on Tuesday. He thanked the Chinese for efforts to make his meeting with Kim possible, and said he would call Xi to discuss the talks, probably on his flight back home. Most Western media reports have panned Trump for giving Kim what he wanted badly — international recognition — while receiving little in exchange.

Some have declared that China was the big winner, in the sense that the bland statement could only signify its important role moving forward. Others have also speculated that Trump and Kim hitting it off during their very first meeting could make Chinese leaders jittery.

Hang on, what language is Kim Jong-un speaking? Both schools of thoughts are right, of course, but neither of them tells a full picture. In fact, China can take the credit for the outcome of the summit, even though neither the US nor North Korea would publicly acknowledge this.

The double suspension calls for North Korea to suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of joint US-South Korean military exercises. The dual track dictates that negotiations on denuclearisation and the normalisation of US-North Korea relations, which would lead to a peace mechanism, should occur at the same time.

But Beijing also has good reasons to be jittery about future ties between the US and North Korea, both nations driven by leaders known for their unpredictable styles.

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Pyongyang has never been a compliant little brother to Beijing as perceived by many people inside and outside China. In fact, the North Korean regime deeply resents that characterisation. Why the Trump-Kim meeting hinges on China After the summit, Japan and other US allies will most likely seek closer ties of their own with North Korea, for geopolitical and other reasons.

Last week in Singapore, he said that the denuclearisation process would take a long time. Meanwhile, Washington would also need Beijing to continue to pressure Pyongyang and nudge it to follow through with its commitment to denuclearisation.

The other time Singapore gave North Korea a taste of America During the summit, Trump played Kim a short video montage illustrating positive and negative futures for North Korea, including planes and high-speed trains as well as missile launches and destruction. The underlying message is that if Kim makes the right choice, the US will help North Korea achieve prosperity.

Otherwise, the regime will face doom and destruction. Trump said Kim reacted to the video well and got the message, but Kim is most unlikely to be moved because of deep mistrust between the two countries.

It seems the younger Kim is keener. He is now based in Beijing as editorial adviser to the paper.News centre. Updates and the latest news from around our business.

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Air asia business process

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