My boring life

Plot[ edit ] The title is a reference to Smiths frequently used blog. The book's content is from entries Smith has written about on said blog, from mundane daily activities to a series of writings detailing his friend and frequent featured actor Jason Mewes ' heroin stuff. Running into Various Celebrities[ edit ] Smith talks about his several encounters with many Hollywood stars, both old and upcoming.

My boring life

And mostly, that stuff was movies. In doing this, a Father was subtly teaching his butterball, silly-hearted youngest child that everything in life came secondary to a good movie — including my education and my God.

The movie rocked, of course — not just because it was Lucas and Spielberg at their best, but also because it was transgressive to be in the cinema at all when I was supposed to be learning about Christ.

And my Father was not only not punishing me for lying to a grown-up, he was complicit as well! I was the third of his three kids, disinterested in country music his passion and less interested in sports his pastime.

And this was the common ground upon which my Dad and I would build the foundation of our relationship: Again, my Mom instructs me to tell the Sisters the family is rushing to a funeral for a fallen great aunt.

The Principal, Sister Gloria Louise, seems to buy it. Dad had been born with a hair lip and a cleft palate, so his whole life, he tried to keep his mouth shut so as not to gross everybody out — even his kids. The Father of the guy who does 69 different podcasts a day was pretty tight-lipped.

And rather than flip the script, my Mother stuck with a classic: The reason for the early dismissal? God must be punishing them. But to be fair, I enjoyed every movie I ever saw with my Father.

Movies were so revered in my family, I was encouraged to lie a sin! With an adult who was supposed to have known better, no less.

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Turns out he DID know better. When I grew up, I made movies for a living. Because each one is a mini-monument to the man who made me. I was there when he watched the flick the first time. I hope you had the time of your My Boring-Ass Life (New Edition): The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith (): Kevin Smith: Books.

"In My Life" is a song by the Beatles released on the album Rubber Soul, written mainly by John Lennon and credited to Lennon–McCartney. Later news reports showed that John Lennon wrote the most of 'In My Life.'.


August 18, — I will take my life today around noon. It is time. Dementia is taking its toll and I have nearly lost myself. I have nearly lost feelthefish.coman, the straightest and brightest of men, will be at my side as a loving witness.

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My boring life

It gives them something to work for.

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