Pageants question and answer portion

Live the life you've imagined. We speak with a lot of young women and girls who are most fearful of the pageant questions they will be asked. We totally understand; public speaking is hard!

Pageants question and answer portion

It is the part of the beauty pageant where witty answers are unscripted, boo-boos are exposed and the most quick and reasonable delegate stands out from among the rest.

Pageants question and answer portion

W hat would you rather be, smart or beautiful? But being naturally-born beautiful is an exception. John Paul Manlapaz 2. If you found out that your boyfriend is a gay, what will you do and why? We love others not because of who they are but with the purpose of what they will become out of that relationship.

After all, God created us with equal rights and opportunity of existence Jay Em Mahusay I a tough question ur putting me on a spot but If I found out my bf is gay I would literally get hurt,cry and then move on.

Just the same thing.

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I will hug him and would tell him, he would always be my friend. Friendship is a relationship more than bf-gf. Joevenell Plaza Escare If my boyfriend is a gay , I will accept him and love him just like the way I did before Because for me love is accepting someone without any doubt and regret. Bullet Ongpauco I would accept him for being who he is as long as he is behaving the right way without doing anything wrong against anybody I would accept him.

In a world that seemingly tolerates abortion and prevents fertilization in favor of a safe and satisfying sex, you believe that motherhood is still the essence of being a woman?

Motherhood is still the essence of being a woman. Joevenell Plaza Escare 4.

Best Beauty Pageant Questions And Answers

If the Philippine government calls you to join the military, will you accept it, and why? As a law abiding citizen, I will join the military to protect the country for whatever cause there is.

The Government may call upon the people to defend the State and, in the fulfillment thereof, all citizens may be required, under conditions provided by law, to render personal, military or civil service.

Zyriel James As a woman if I will be obliged to join the military I will not hesitate to join. And this is no longer new to us. We even had 2 lady presidents and there have been a lot of women who are already in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

Women have been clamoring for equality, well this is our chance to prove ourselves. Angel Vargas Reyes thank you for this question. Well for me theres nothing wrong joining in a military the only thing is how am I going to accept it if until now were getting un equal treatment and a lot of discrimination from diff people and society that affects our status as a ilipino people.

So I will just accept it if they do something from this. If you are cartoon character, who would you be and why? If i were a cartoon character i would be bugs bunny because i enjoy watching it when i was a kid, bugs bunny is very cute but at times clever and naughty and could outwit other people and that bests represents me.

Pageants question and answer portion

If you will be stranded in an isolated island with one person, who would it be and why? If ever I would be stranded in an island I would like to be with my boyfriend so that we can still have fun while we are trying to think how to get out of that place and that situation.

I will have more courage to survive because I am with the person who i care for and love so much. Angel Vargas Reyes 7.On January 30, , Miss Universe will hold its 65th edition at the Mall of Asia Arena. There have been hundreds of girls who have been through the dreaded Question & Answer portion.

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Only they. Best beauty pageant questions and answers. Sushmita Sen of India - Miss Universe Question: What is the essence of being a woman? Answer: "Just being a woman is God's gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about.

Beauty pageants for children are a fun learning experience for the child and the family. As the child gets older, beauty pageants will include an interview question and answer portion so the contestant can demonstrate self-confidence and poise to the judges.

The interview question portion may be the. Aug 23,  · Believe it or not, one of the fears of many aspiring beauty queens is being grilled in the nerve-wracking question and answer portion. It is the part of the beauty pageant where witty answers are unscripted, boo-boos are exposed and the most quick .

Perhaps the most awaited part of a beauty pageant is hearing those witty answers coming from the finalists. And it is believed that this portion is one of the hardest and crucial portions to which the winner will be based on how she will deliver the answer with such bold idea to the question asked.

The Bb. Pilipinas Question and Answer portion of the beauty pageant is one of the most crucial part during the coronation night as every answer from each contestant can make or break their chance of winning the crown.

The official judges of the Bb.

Beauty Pageants in the Philippines : Sample Q and A for Aspiring Beauty Queens Part 2