The hazards of moviegoing

English 2 pages, words The Hazards of Movie-going I am a movie fanatic. My friends count on me to know movie trivia and to remember every big Oscar awarded since I was in grade school. My friends, though, have stopped asking me if I want to go out to the movies.

The hazards of moviegoing

He is the titular anthropomorphic rabbit of the film--a frantic, over-anxious type who often stutters even while he's screaming. He is also based on the most famous cartoon characters who were popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood animation. Contents Background Development Before Richard Williams came aboard on the project, early animation tests for Roger gave him a simple and stylized look of a skinny white bunny with a purple nose.

When the film went into full production, Roger was redesigned in a fashion to take elements from all the major cartoon studios of the period, the philosophy behind the new characters, in general, being a combination of Disney's elaborate animation style, similar characterization to Warner Bros.

Physical appearance Roger is a slender, white rabbit with large blue eyes, pink nose, a tuft of red hair who wears red overalls, yellow gloves, and a blue yellow polka dot bow tie.

He is an amalgamation of various classic cartoon characters; taking Bugs Bunny's cartoon rabbit form, Mickey 's gloves, and Goofy 's baggy pants.

Animator Richard Williams described the process of creating him like an "American flag" with the red overalls, white fur and blue bow tie and American audiences would enjoy him subliminally.

Personality Roger is hyperactive, friendly, talkative, funny, a bit childlike and not very bright at times.

He loves to make others laugh and is good friends with the other Toons, especially Baby Herman his Maroon Cartoons costar and Benny the Cab. He is also cowardly and greatly fears Judge Doomthe Dipand the Toon Patrol as well as many other hazards.

Despite his traditionally cartoonish behavior, Roger is aware of what most people think of cartoons, facts he's voiced to Eddie Valiantin that making people laugh is often what makes toons' lives worthwhile, but also notes that there are times when making people laugh is the only weapon toons have.

He believes that if someone doesn't have a good sense of humor they're better off dead and gets upset over having to sit through things such as newsreels that he perceives as boring. In the film, the voice of Roger is performed by Charles Fleischer who also voices Benny, Greasy and Psychowho was known for electing to wear an actual rabbit costume on the set to get into the role.

One of his famous traits is his voice, "P-p-p-p-p-please! He truly loves his wife, Jessicaand always makes her laugh. Roger doesn't take well to human alcoholic beverages.

It's shown twice in the film that when he has consumed one, he changes color rapidly, at least one of his eyes pops open, his bowtie spins, and he mumbles incoherently at a fast pace, before stretching up into the air and whistling like a steam train at a loud enough tone to shatter glass, all the while flailing about.

The hazards of moviegoing

Afterward, his mood swings violently, especially in an aggressive manner. Appearances Who Framed Roger Rabbit In the film, he is re-envisioned as a character in s animated cartoons and a resident of the fictional Los Angeles enclave Toontown.

He is framed for the murder of Acme Corporation C. Marvin Acme and seeks out Eddie Valiant to help clear his name. Roger filming his latest cartoon. Things begin as Roger is in the middle of working on his latest Toon short for Maroon Cartoons titled "Something's Cooking" with his fellow Toon co-star, Baby Hermanbut when the door of the refrigerator dropped on him opens, Roger has tweeting birds circling him, not stars as stated in the script, forcing Raoul, the director, to cut, frustrating him and Baby Herman at how Roger botched up the take for the twenty-third time.

Unable to cope with Roger's repeated failures with one single scene after repeated takes, Raoul calls a lunch break and retreats to his trailer to calm down as Roger runs after him, pleading that he can get the scene right, even resorting to whacking himself with a frying pan retrieved from a nearby prop cart to try and generate the stars Raoul wants, too little success.

Roger's reacting to the liquor.

The hazards of moviegoing

Eddie returns with proof of Jessica cheating on Roger by literally playing pattycake with Acme Corporation and Toontown owner, Marvin Acmein her dressing room at the Ink and Paint Club. Roger is devastated when he sees the photographs, unable to comprehend that his wife is cheating on him. He fears someone made Jessica do it to try and break his heart.

Maroon tries to console Roger, even offering him some human liquor to drink, but once Roger downs it to drown his sorrows, his body suffers an allergic reaction to it, causing him to change colors and gag before he turns bright red and his cheeks inflate, then suddenly shoots his head towards the ceiling, where his screams change into a high-pitched steam whistle that seems to get so loud and high in the pitch that it causes many of the glass objects in Maroon's office to shatter from the stress before Roger finally stops and crashes back down into Maroon's chair.

As Roger comes to afterwards, gasping and panting from his little uncontrollable frenzy, Maroon and Valiant try to console him, but when Valiant suggests all the girls who would be breaking down Roger's door just to be with him, Roger suddenly becomes enraged, grabbing Valiant and swearing that, despite this little bit of evidence of Jessica cheating on him, he and Jessica will be happy again, before shooting out through the blinds and window of Maroon's office, leaving the two men in shock.1.

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Roger Rabbit

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs..

For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . Roger Rabbit is the titular deuteragonist of the hybrid feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the protagonist of the short films and comics spun off from it.

He is the titular anthropomorphic rabbit of the film--a frantic, over-anxious type who often stutters (even while he's screaming. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Five Paragraph Essay Sample The Hazards of Moviegoing By John Langan From College Writing Skills with Readings Introductory paragraph (Thesis) I am a movie fanatic.

The Hazards of Movie-going. I am a movie fanatic. My friends count on me to know movie trivia and to remember every big Oscar awarded since I was in grade school. My friends, though, have stopped asking me if I want to go out to the movies.

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