The star thrower essay

I had walked away from the star thrower in the hardened indifference of maturity. But thought mediated by the eye is one of nature's infinite disguises.

The star thrower essay

My basic insight was that porpoises or dolphins use those whistling sounds to create, not symbolic, but pictorial communication.

The reason we hear only whistling is because the frequency range of the whistling is necessarily high in order to have enough bandwidth to contain the images or pictorial information that dolphins communicate with.

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They spizualize or speak-visualize information. A dolphin bounces high frequency sounds whistles and clicks off their surroundings, convert the echoed waves into visual information, and use the 3-D images as a real-time map to navigate in dark waters of the sea.

Those echoed waves are sounds in the same frequency range that the dolphin can both hear and speak, so by speaking the sounds of something they see or saw earlierdolphins can communicate the situation at the present where they are located to someone who is distant from them by many miles or they can equally communicate a situation from some earlier time to those present now.

The hearers will be enveloped in the image created by the dolphin speaker as if they were inside of a holographic image, which indeed they would be. Just as humans communicate by speaking the sounds they heard someone else say, a dolphin would be able to communicate the images some other dolphin had shared with them.

His intelligence permits him to grasp some kind of succession of generations; but without writing, the tale of the past rapidly degenerates into fumbling myth and fable.

The star thrower essay

Man's greatest epic, his four long battles with the advancing ice of the great continental glaciers, has vanished from human memory without a trace. Our illiterate fathers disappeared and with them, in a few scant generations, died one of the great stories of all time.

This episode has nothing to do with the biological quality of a brain as between then and now. It has to do instead with a device, an invention made possible by the hand. That invention came too late in time to record eyewitness accounts of the years of the Giant Frost.

These early humans had a prodigious capability for memory which only gradually began to fade after the last Ice Age. At some point, humans needed an aid to memory and they invented writing.

The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley

This may be the earliest proof of the adage that "necessity is the mother of invention. Just as dolphins try to rescue drowning humans in the sea, they may wish to save us from our own war-like penchant and other examples of human folly by recording and saving such images for us.

Only the poet who writes speaks his message across the millennia to other hearts. Only in writing can the cry from the great cross on Golgotha still be heard in the minds of men. The thinker of perceptive insight, even if we allow him for the moment to be a porpoise rather than a man, has only his individual glimpse of the universe until such time as he can impose that insight upon unnumbered generations.

In centuries of pondering, man has come upon one answer to this problem: If dolphins are truly able to spizualize their surroundings, we humans are no longer alone. We have only to create a spizualization network translation device spizznet, for shortand we will be able to experience the first example of interspecies communication in the history of the world.

The basic technology is available.

We lack only someone to create a working spizznet to make it practical. The man who has endeavored more than anyone else to further our knowledge of dolphin communication is Dr.

He has searched and searched for examples of symbolic meanings in dolphin speech, to no avail.The Unexpected Universe The Star Thrower unknown abyss. It began, if I may borrow the ex- a fisherman's cap and sunglasses, so that I looked like pression from a Buddhist sage, with the skull and the everyone else on the beach.

This is the way things are eye. I .

The star thrower essay

With each toss of a star the spray formed a rainbow over the star thrower as Eiseley watched. No doubt he will become a star thrower, too, before this essay ends.

[page , ] Somewhere far up the coast wandered the star thrower beneath his rainbow. "The Star Thrower" (or "starfish story") is part of a page essay of the same name by Loren Eiseley (–), published in in The Unexpected Universe.

The Star Thrower Quotes by Loren Eiseley

The Star Thrower is also the title of a anthology of Eiseley's works (including the essay), which he completed shortly before his death. The Star Thrower is the most wonderful essay I have ever read. In his despair and personal grief Eiseley finds hope on a stormy beach in Spain.

This is a profound story that my words cannot convey how powerful and precious Eiseley's words are. Read it and then become a star thrower in your life.4/5(31). Loren Eiseley's essay "The Star Thrower" is an important writing that chronicles one man's search for spiritual answers.

The essay is filled with symbols, layers, and double meanings, and most readers might have difficulty understanding all . The Star Thrower (, Times Books) A collection of essays and poems, made during the last year of Eiseley's life, of his favorite writings, along with some original material.

The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley, A Reading for Enjoyment ARJ2 Review by Bobby Matherne